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How to start a femdom dating in our chat room?

Are you a male sub looking for a Dom/Mistress to train you and treat you like a slave? You can find and date many beautiful femdoms here. You first need to sign in to our chat room and upload your best pictures to your profiles so that others may be attracted to you.

There are plenty of BDSM sites and chat rooms online, but none of them are only indicated in femdom relationships. That makes it difficult to find a dominant woman while most of the female users on their site are looking for dominant men.

But everything is different in our platform, since all of our memberships are interested in femdom lifestyles. Maybe some of them are Switch. But if you don’t like switching people, you can just hide yourself from them.

Find a femdom who can train you as a slave!

After you register on our platform, you can find hundreds and thousands of domination females and submissive males. No matter whether they are amateurs or professionals, you will certainly enjoy being with them. If you want to be trained with discipline, you can search for others by various orientations and knowledge levels of BDSM

We examined everyone who likes to use this feature. It starts with level1 and ends with level6. The higher level you get, means the more you know in BDSM, and how to be a good dominator or slaver. For someone who is new to the femdom lifestyle and has no experience before, this is the way for them to find a professional femdom mistress.

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Our Members

Woman, 29

I’m always ready for an adventure!!! message me (:


I am very attractive and friendly person would love to meet x


Freak in the sheets and love playing out kinks. If that’s your thing hit me up!


I like to have good conversations about anything. Im looking for friends to talk too and catch a vibe


I love dancing I love singing I love swimming I love music and I love foot fetish.


I am a sunny and confident girl, I especially like to laugh, and I am a financially independent woman


Love to laugh great energy. Like able person very down to earth


I’m a dominatrix woman who loves traveling, eating and a good company

Femdom chat rooms for every fetish

There are lots of chat rooms on our site, and most of them are created for a special fetish, like foot fetish, spanking, bandage etc. Members can create any sorts of chat rooms as they want, after they have joined this platform for over six months and their accounts are always active. New members can apply to join those chat rooms. They will be a member after 50 percent of the administrators of those chat rooms approved their requests. Users can share their photos and any kinky thoughts and fantasies there. You can also post your thoughts and some femdom stories in your profiles and moments, so others can find out what you want and start to interact with you.

More than just sending text messages


As a dating site, FemdomChatRoom offers this feature for you to discover people nearby. You can swipe right to like others' profiles, or swipe left to dislike. You can set the filter to let the system show you the most relative results which are able to sorted by height, age, sex orientation, levels of BDSM experience etc. Send likes and winks to them, and then start a chat with your matches over text messages or video calls.

Create Chat Rooms

Creating Chat Rooms on a dating site is unique to our platform, and these features are only for old members and who have made lots of contributions to our community. As you see, most of the chat rooms are dedicated to fetishs and cities, but you can create yours with any object you want. The basic chat rooms need to invite 10 members to get started, so make sure you have made dozens of friends there before creating a new chat room.

Sharing Stories

Have you ever had a wonderful femdom experience before? Do you dream of some kinky fantasies and have some femdom thoughts in your head? Posting them there and you will find some like-minded people who love your fantasies and turn them to be true in real life with you. Think about it, post your fantasies first and then post the real femdom photos of you and the dominatrix or sub male you meet there.

Live Streams

The most popular members who have received thousands of likes have the ability to start a live stream. All of the live streams on our site are attractive since this strict policy. The influences there are whether beautiful women/men or professional dominatrixes/ sub males. If you haven't got enough likes to start a stream, you can send a request to our staff to show that you are capable of making some erotic videos for others to enjoy.

Profile Certification

To make sure there are no scammers on our site, we certify all the profiles after the registering process. There are two ways you can use it to verify your account. The first is to upload a picture of your id card, driver license, college card and others which can approve your identity. We keep all of that private information offline so that it will be safe from any scammers or hackers. But if you still have a problem with this method, you could try to verify by videos.


For people who want to promote themselves to others in a certain district, we offered this premium feature to them. With this feature, you could show your profile to others who you like to meet and chat with in front of their searching results. But it is a limited feature which you can only use five times a month and before you use it, the system will make sure you have a clear photo with a face on your profile, to increase the chance of chatting odds with others.

Arrange a femdom meeting in real life now!

The final purpose for every greeting on dating sites and chat rooms is to arrange a real life meeting. Here is the difference between our chat room and others. There you could search for people in your local area and ask them to meet offline after you had a wonderful chat. But be aware that someone who asks you out and requests money before the meeting is a 100% scammer. So please take care of yourself, and do not arrange the first meeting in a private place, especially in your or their house. The best way to keep the meeting safe is to have a cup of coffee in your district first and then if you both have a good impression of each other, you could move to a private place then.

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